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Raised by addicts.  Exposed to sexual situations by age 6.  Then her mother went to prison, devastating Autumn as a teenager.  Despite having friends of both sexes, she thrived on the attention of young women and became confused when she felt attraction to her best friend.  Eventually she crossed the line into homosexuality.  Gay bars, lesbian relationships, shame and secrecy soon followed.  

While her life spiraled downward, her mother came to faith in Christ.  Autumn went to church, heard the Scriptures, and felt God's touch.  Her life gradually began to change.  Saying yes to Jesus launched an all out war for her wounded soul.  She battled guilt and condemnation as she sought deliverance.  Autumn emerged victorious from the fight of her life, and you can too!

What's your issue?  Is it immorality, drugs or alcohol?  Are you trapped by pornography or tormented by perversion?  Are you hiding a sinful secret?  Autumn candidly testifies of her own deliverance from homosexuality and declares there is a way out of bondage for those who desire freedom.